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EcoWise Slim Weight Ball

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ECOWISE Super-Grip Slim Weight Ball (1 lbs - 6 lbs) offers all the benefits of traditional light weight toning without using hard-to-hold metal dumbbells. The ergonomic shape offers easy-gripping and the textured surface makes it non-slip. Attached strap adds another layer of security and it is adjustable and removable. Petite olive shape design enables a wider range of motion and more functional movements, includes mimicking football tossing motion for various sports training. Color coded with weight level in pounds.

  • Ergonomic shape fits your palm

  • Detachable strap for additional gripping options

  • Patented Neuwa™ material (synthetic rubber compound)

  • Latex, PVC, phthalates, and chloride-free

  • Soft and comfortable compared to traditional dumbbells

  • Improves core strength and functional movement; targets muscle tone and flexibility

  • Ideal item for arm strength training and rehabilitation

  • Compact and lightweight; great for use at home or when traveling

  • SKUs: 
    85701 – 1 lb Tangerine
    85702 – 2 lb Forest
    85703 – 3 lb Blue Dahlia
    85704 – 4 lb Iris
    85705 – 5 lb Pomegranate
    85706 – 6 lb Black