Our Story

Aeromat® and EcoWise®

are leading lifestyle brands in fitness products and accessories, with a mission of making fitness and well-being accessible to all.

We have been established for decades in the United States. The quality and performance of AeroMat® and EcoWise® are top of the line in the industry. The products are crafted with durable, natural and renewable resources and materials with a fine attention to detail.

Aeromat® focuses on power and fitness. EcoWise® focuses on wellness and rehabilitation.

All products can be applied to all households, schools, gymnasiums, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and more. All our products are BPA free. Depending on the need, EcoWise® specifically targets our medical customers. Should you have any questions about our products and brands, please feel free to chat with us and we will be happy to talk to you!

About Us

AGM Group specializes in supplying high quality fitness products and accessories to the fitness, sporting goods, schools, and rehabilitation markets, offering both product innovation and brand name recognition. Our employees are the heart of our company.

We value their dedication and great work ethics in building a strong foundation for our company. They are instilled with highly trained knowledge and professionalism which bring diverse strength and ability to the core of our company.

Our quality commitment provides the reputation of our products. We devote ourselves to extensive products research and development to ensure the quality of our products is always ahead of industry standard.

Our partnership is the backbone of our business. We continue to grow and build strong relations with our dealers.

In return, our dedicated commitment with our well-established dealer partnership allows us to excel throughout the years. Our customer service is the essence of our success.

Our customer supporting team takes pride in providing outstanding services and solution to our customers' needs. Such pride and commitment are the keys that distinguish us.