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EcoWise Premium Fitness Core Ball

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The EcoWise Premium Fitness Core Ball is designed to revolutionize your workouts, offering a versatile tool for a wide array of exercises aimed at improving strength, balance, and core stability. Available in four vibrant colors—Sunflower (45 cm), Honeydew (55 cm), Cherry (65 cm), and Ocean Blue (75 cm)—each core ball is tailored to suit your unique fitness needs and preferences. Perfect for users of all levels, our core balls are crafted from eco-friendly materials, ensuring a safe and sustainable approach to your health and fitness journey. Elevate your workout experience with the EcoWise Premium Fitness Core Ball today and transform your body with every session.

About the EcoWise Fitness Core Ball

  • Improves alignment and flexibility, great for stretching exercises, rehabilitation, Yoga and Pilates

  • Made with burst-resistance TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) material, 100% recyclable, free of latex, PVC and phthalates

  • Max static weight: 300 lbs.

  • Ball measuring tape and inflating instructions included in retail package, bulk package only includes the ball

  • Replacement plug available for purchase through:

  • SKUs:
    With Retail Box
    85500 – 45 cm – Sunflower
    85501 – 55 cm – Honeydew
    85502 – 65 cm – Cherry
    85503 – 75 cm – Ocean Blue
    Without Retail Box
    85500 - Bulk – 45 cm – Sunflower
    85501 - Bulk – 55 cm – Honeydew
    85502 - Bulk – 65 cm – Cherry
    85503 - Bulk – 75 cm – Ocean Blue

Frequently Asked Questions About Our EcoWise Premium Fitness Core Ball


What material is used to make the EcoWise Premium Fitness Core Ball?

Our core balls are made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials that are free from harmful phthalates and heavy metals, ensuring a safe and environmentally conscious product.

How do I choose the right size core ball for my height?

Selecting the right size core ball depends on your height. As a general guideline, the 45 cm ball is suitable for individuals under 5 feet, the 55 cm for those between 5 and 5'6", the 65 cm for individuals between 5'6" and 6 feet, and the 75 cm for those over 6 feet tall.

What exercises can I perform with the EcoWise Premium Fitness Core Ball?

The core ball is ideal for a variety of exercises targeting core strength, flexibility, balance, and rehabilitation. It can be used for yoga, Pilates, strength training, and even stretching routines to enhance overall body fitness.

Is the EcoWise Premium Fitness Core Ball suitable for all fitness levels?

Yes, our core ball is perfect for users of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. It provides a scalable challenge that can be adjusted based on the exercise and the user's capabilities.

What are the benefits of using a core ball in my workout routine?

Using a core ball enhances core strength, improves posture, increases balance and coordination, and can also reduce back pain. It engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making it an efficient tool for full-body workouts.

Are there specific workouts that benefit from the different sizes of the core ball?

Yes, different sizes of the core ball can target different aspects of fitness. Smaller balls are great for deep core strengthening and precision exercises, while larger balls can be more suitable for broader movements and stretching exercises.

How do I know if my core ball is inflated to the right pressure?

The ball should be firm but should give slightly under pressure. When sitting on the ball, your hips should be even with or slightly higher than your knees for optimal posture and performance.

Does the color of the core ball have any significance beyond aesthetics?

While the primary function of the color variations is to appeal to personal taste and match fitness equipment, some users might use different colors to quickly identify different sizes in a multi-ball setup.