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Aeromat Elite Mini Kettlebell Medicine Ball - New Handle Design

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The Aeromat Elite Mini Kettlebells (3 lbs – 15 lbs) offer non-intimidating kettlebell workouts and the mini size offers more range of motion. Unique, non-scuffing kettlebells are uniformly sized for consistent technique development and feature a durable, molded handle provides a solid and comfortable grip for smooth rotation. The kettlebells are individually hand-made with latex-free synthetic rubber coating and filled with iron sand. The pliable, synthetic rubber surface is softer to floors and users. Perfect for functional training for both individuals and classes. Color coded with weight in pounds, use as both kettlebell and a medicine ball. The flat base will ensure that they rest firmly on the ground or on a rack without rocking.

  • Made with synthetic rubber, filled with iron sand, and with a thermo plastic handle

  • Latex-free material with a uniform size (6" diameter) for each weight

  • Pliable material structure offers users a friendly alternative to traditional cast iron kettlebells

  • Handle design offers more freedom and comfort during exercise

  • Great for group exercise and personal training

  • Versatile for core function, abdominal strength, and rotational movement training

  • 6" diameter