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Aeromat Deluxe Ball Chair

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  • Great alternative to traditional chair for both office and leisure,

    comes with 5 wheels and 2 are lockable, has arm rests

  • Easy assembly required

  • Includes chair base, burst-resistant ball and one hand pump;-

  • Overall: 22” x 22” x 32”

  • Top of ball to ground: 22”

  • Arm rest to ground: 24”

  • Chair weighs 20 lbs., max weight limit: 200 lbs.

  • Ball circumference: 42 cm
  • Replacement plug available for purchase through:

  • *To avoid caster wheels constantly locking by accidental contact with feet, please install the lockable wheels in the back of the chair.

Develop A Healthy Posture With Comfortable Ball Chairs

Tense body, hurt backs, and strained necks have found a perfect solution for relaxation. Aeromat provides remedies for these aches and pains with the best balance ball chair that can easy be used to keep you stabilized at your home and office workstations. ... These ball chairs subtly engage your physical self in subtle movements that improve your body’s core and posture. Don’t be afraid od the motion stability of these chairs. Our easily adjustable ball chairs remain steady, since they have a five wheel base out of which two wheels are lockable

Aeromat Ball chairs are designed to provide relaxation at work: they come with a set of all essentials that can help you relax you at work, including a burst-resistant ball, firm chair base, and one hand pump making a complete set of easy comfort. Traditional office chairs may negatively impact your overall musculoskeletal, tone, structure, and posture. While our advanced ball chair tones down those negative impacts, they allow you remain sitting in much healthier positions. The chair’s bouncy movements stimulate your brain and body, especially during stressful work hours.

Our best balance ball chairs products are free from heavy metals, phthalates, and latex. What can be better than sitting on a giant bouncy ball at work or home?

It’s Time to Focus on Your Comfort and Stability,

Buy Aeromat Ball Chairs Now!