Yoga Block

Aeromat Yoga Block Care Instructions

In order to keep your Aeromat Yoga Block at its peak performance and for personal hygienic purposes, we recommend that you clean your block accordingly to the following care instructions:

Daily/Routine Practice Care Instructions
•    After each daily/routine practice, simply wipe off the sweat with a damp cloth from the surface of the block. Natural Mat Wash is highly recommended for cleaning after each use.
•    Let block dry in room temperature.
•    We DO NOT recommend cleaning with harsh chemicals as it dries out the surface resulting in cracks and wrinkles. 
•    For deeper cleaning, dilute vinegar in water and wipe it through the block. Next wipe again with water immediately thereafter. If you do wish to sanitize it, dilute your desired chemicals with water then wipe off with water immediately. Let block air dry. 
•    Deep cleaning is recommended once every week if used often. If not, deep cleaning is still recommended before long-time storage. 
•    Avoid direct sunlight when drying. It may result in wrinkles and cracks.



The clean/dry time for the above instructions are based on our recommendation, the actual time for each individual may vary. AGM Group, Aeromat, EcoWise, and its retailers/distributors are not responsible for any claim, demand, or cause of action of any kind whatsoever on account of personal injury, ball damage, or loss of any kind arising from the care instructions given.