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Aeromat Peanut Exercise Ball for Therapy

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  • Unique design, ideal for physical therapy and rehabilitation, great for children and seniors

  • Easy direction controlling, rolling back and forth or in saddle position to relieve muscle tension

  • Made with PVC, free of latex and phthalates, max weight limit: 300 lbs.

  • Pump sold separately

  • Peanut Ball size (in centimeters) indicates the diameter of both lobes, in other words, it indicates the peanut ball vertical height when laid down horizontally

  • Replacement air plug available for purchase through:

  • SKUs:
    35245 – Green – 40 cm diameter, 86 cm length and about 38 cm in height

    35246 – Blue – 50 cm diameter, 98 cm length and about 48 cm in height

    35247 – Red – 60 cm diameter, 109 cm length and about 52 cm in height

    35248 – Yellow – 70 cm diameter, 132 cm length and about 63 cm in height


About the Aeromat Peanut Exercise Ball

Introducing the Aeromat Therapy Peanut Exercise Ball – a revolution in physical therapy and rehabilitation, designed with a unique peanut shape for optimal ease and versatility. This exceptional exercise ball is not only a therapeutic powerhouse but also a perfect fit for individuals of all ages, making it an invaluable addition to your fitness and wellness journey.

Crafted with precision, the Aeromat Therapy Peanut Exercise Ball boasts a distinctive design that sets it apart in the realm of therapeutic equipment. Ideal for physical therapy sessions and rehabilitation exercises, this peanut exercise ball offers a myriad of benefits for individuals ranging from children to seniors.

Experience unparalleled control with this peanut therapy ball as it facilitates easy direction adjustments, allowing for seamless rolling back and forth or finding comfort in a saddle position. This dynamic movement not only engages core muscles but also alleviates muscle tension, making it a must-have tool for targeted therapeutic exercises.

Constructed with high-quality PVC, the Aeromat Therapy Peanut Exercise Ball is not only durable but also safe for use, being free of latex and phthalates. With a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs, it provides robust support for a wide range of exercises, ensuring your safety and stability during every session.

Please note that the pump is sold separately, allowing you to customize your fitness toolkit. The size of the peanut therapy ball, measured in centimeters, indicates the diameter of both lobes. This measurement is particularly useful, indicating the vertical height of the peanut ball when laid down horizontally.

For added convenience, replacement air plugs are available for purchase through our website, ensuring the longevity of your peanut therapy ball. Simply visit our online store at to secure the essential components for maintaining your exercise ball at its peak performance.

Elevate your therapeutic journey with the Aeromat Therapy Peanut Exercise Ball – where innovation meets functionality. Invest in your well-being today and discover the transformative power of this uniquely designed peanut exercise ball. Order now and embark on a path to enhanced strength, flexibility, and overall vitality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Peanut Exercise Ball


What is a peanut exercise ball for?

A peanut exercise ball serves as a versatile fitness tool primarily used for balance training, core strengthening, and rehabilitation exercises. Its unique peanut shape enhances stability and engages a wide range of muscles, making it an effective aid for various workout routines.

What are the benefits of a peanut ball?

The benefits of a peanut therapy ball include: improved balance, strengthened core muscles, enhanced posture, and increased flexibility. Its ergonomic design offers superior support, making it an excellent choice for both fitness enthusiasts and individuals undergoing rehabilitation.

What is the use of a peanut ball in therapy?

In therapy, a peanut ball is employed to facilitate a range of exercises that target core stability and balance. A peanut therapy ball is commonly used in physical therapy to aid in the rehabilitation of injuries, improve posture, and strengthen muscles, providing a versatile tool for therapeutic interventions.

What is the difference between a yoga ball and a peanut ball?

Unlike traditional round yoga balls, the Aeromat Peanut Exercise Ball features a distinctive peanut shape that enhances stability and engages a broader range of muscles during exercises. While both offer benefits for core strength and balance, the peanut ball's design provides unique advantages, making it a preferred choice for specific workouts and therapeutic applications.