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Aeromat Balance Disc 14" or 24"

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  • Inflated cushion with a smooth and spiky surface, adds instability and stimulation into workouts

  • Use as a balance training cushion by placing it under hands, feet or lower back for challenging exercises

  • Can be used for active ergonomic sitting by placing in on top of your chair and sit on it

  • Adjust the inflation level for more challenging exercises

  • Made with soft and pliable PVC, free of latex, pump sold separately

  • Replacement air plug available for purchase through

  • SKUs:
    33300 - 14" in diameter - Blue,
    33302 - 24" in diameter - Blue

Improve your Body’s Stability with the Best Balance Disc at Aeromats

While training, your body needs to stay stabilized yet challenged for better performance and results. These balanced discs are smooth and spiky from the other end, stimulating difficulty and better conditions for efficient results. You can use them for standing and floor exercises and shift the sides depending on the requirements....
Place these cushions under the hands, feet, lower back, or hips while working out. The dynamically balanced discs support various inflation levels where thicker form addresses comfortability.

Aeromats has these cushions made with pliable PVC and free of latex material. You can use these best-balanced discs in place of the fitness balls or on your office chairs for better posture and balance to muscles. For beginners to experts, these cushions are fun and suitable for all trainers. Tone your muscles, improve balance, and adjust the challenging inflation levels as per your suitability.

Order the Best Balance Discs from Aeromats at an Affordable Price!