4 Stability Fitness Ball Exercises to Strengthen Core and Burn Fat

When was the last time you incorporated a fitness ball in your routine? Of course, children in school use it as an imaginary bouncy house...

Research show that performing exercises on an unstable surface will increase core muscle activity than regular exercises. Comparing to those new machineries and new gadgets, a fitness ball looks a lot more humble. Don't judge a book by its cover! A humble looking fitness ball is actually incredibly effective for sculpting and strengthening that core! It is also a lot more affordable. Talk about more bang for your buck! 

When was the last time you used a stability ball at the gym? Sure, shiny new gadgets and machinery might look fun, but some machines can be more trouble than they’re worth. (We’re looking at you, seated crunch machine!)

A fitness ball is extremely versatile. You can work on your midbody while challenging the rest of the important muscle groups. Planks, bridge, squats, wall stands, crunches..you name it, it can do it! 

Here are 4 quick ways to burn fat and strengthen your core: 

1. Leg Lift

Lay down on a cushiony mat, place the fitness ball between your legs and squeeze, lift the ball up and down. Don't forget to squeeze. 

2. Bridge

Lay down on a cushiony mat, step on the fitness ball, lift the hips up and down. Pulse a few times then hold at bridge position for a couple of breaths and repeat.


3. Plank 

Get in plank position and balance your body on the fitness ball with your feet. Hold the plank. 


4. Stability Push Up

Do a push up while balancing your feet on the ball! 

After all that core strengthening (torturing) exercises, you are gonna feel! Raarwwwrrrrr!