What are "closed-cell" and "open-cell" yoga mats?

What are "closed-cell" and "open-cell" yoga mats? - Aeromat/Ecowise


Closed-cell mats are used for regular yoga practices. Usually they have patterns and designs on the surface that provides the “grip” you desire. The material is usually light and flexible, easy for transporting. The downside is that the surface gets slippery when you sweat. Choosing a mat with “grippy” patterns, use a towel or use open-cell mats could both help out with your “sweaty” practice.

It is also very easy to clean. Simply wipe off the surface with a damp cloth after each practice then air dry, away from direct sunlight. Natural Mat Wash (containing essential oils and soap) is great for easy sanitizing. For deeper cleaning, simply wash with mild detergent in your bath rub then air dry, away from direct sunlight. Harsh chemicals like rubbing alcohol and bleach are NOT recommended for mat cleaning. If you have to use one of your sanitizers, please rinse off with water immediately to minimize the damage. Harsh chemicals will dry out the mat surface and create wrinkles and cracks. Replacing your mats every three months results in a healthier and safer practice. 


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Open-cell mats provide more “grip”, even stickier when absorbing water. Therefore, they are the perfect mats for hot yoga practice without using a towel. The material is usually heavier. You might find your open-cell mats getting heavier and heavier after every practice...Yes! You will HAVE TO replace your open-cell mats every couple of months! DO NOT wash your open-cell mats since water won’t be able to escape!

Use the same natural mat wash for cleaning for this one. Just simply dab, dab, dab....


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