Workout Mat/Pilates Mat

Workout Mat/Pilates Mat - Aeromat/Ecowise

Workout Mat/Pilates Mat Care Instructions

(Material: NBR, POE, PVC, TPE)


General Use Instructions:

  1.   This mat is intended for basic stretching exercises only.
  2.   Visually inspect the mat for any cuts, tears, and the condition of the mat's surface. It should be free of dirt, debris, and water before starting your exercises.
  3.   Using mat for extreme ballistic and static exercises is NOT recommended.
  4.   This mat is designed for hardwood floor. Make sure the area is dry, clean, and free of any water, liquids, waxes, debris, or objects that can cause the mat to move or be damaged while in use.
  5.   We DO NOT recommend wearing shoes when mat is in use.


 General Care Instructions:

  1.   Clean the mat with a damp cloth after each use. Hang dry and avoid direct sunlight as it may cause wrinkles and cracks. 
  2.   We DO NOT recommend using any harsh chemicals to clean the mat as it dries out the surface causing wrinkles and cracks. It will also shorten the mat's lifespan. If you do wish to sanitize it, please dilute your sanitizing chemical with water to a 1:10 ratio and immediately rinse with a damp cloth. Natural Mat Wash is highly recommended.



The clean/dry time for the above instructions are based on our recommendation, the actual time for each individual may vary. AGM Group, Aeromat, EcoWise, and its retailers/distributors are not responsible for any claim, demand, or cause of action of any kind whatsoever on account of personal injury, ball damage, or loss of any kind arising from the care instructions given in this package.





Aeromat Elite Workout Mat 1/2'' thick with Eyelet (MSRP) EcoWise Workout / Fitness Mat (Various sizes and colors)



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