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Aeromat Power Rope Medicine Ball Handle

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  • Easily attachable to Power Rope Medicine Ball
  • Durable plastic structure 
  • SKU: 35980

Roped Medicine Ball at Aeromat

A standard medicine ball with a rope is the perfect tool to help you challenge your muscles and achieve your fitness goals. A medicine ball provides resistance that can gradually increase as you become stronger while enhancing coordination, balance, and endurance.

When doing medicine ball drills, you must be able to rotate your entire body. Your core muscles must be engaged to protect your spine while rotating. Rotate medicine balls around the full range of motion, being sure not to twist your back. These balls offer full body workout without hurting your muscles in any way.

Aeromats offers high-quality medicine balls that you can add to your exercise regimes for a productive session. Visit our website right now and purchase from a variety of medicine balls available.