Tala Optimo V Grip Mat

The AEROMAT Tala Optimo V Grip Mat is a yoga and workout crossover product. Ideal for multi-purpose use, it’s portable enough to carry to and from the gym, studio and home. Built with eco-friendly TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) foam on the foundation of carefully weaved mesh with pattern, this mat is extremely durable for vigorous workouts. Engineered with superior density and extra cushioning, it provides both joint support and premium comfort. Unique pedal pattern on the surface offers extremely great dry grip.

  • Beautiful patterns ensures firm grip even with light sweating

  • Thick yet dense, provides joint support without losing stability

  • Made with eco-friendly TPE material, free of latex, phthalates and chloride.

  • 5mm (1/4") x 24" x 72"

  • SKUs:
    62101 – Blue
    62102 – Yellow
    62103 – Black