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Aeromat Pilates Ring

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The Pilates Ring is perfect for enhancing mobility, agility and stamina, helping you tone your thighs, arms, and chest. Featuring dual foam handgrips that are soft, comfortable, yet moisture-absorbent.

  • Made with a steel inner structure to provide resistance

  • 14” diameter


Tone Down Your Body with the Best Pilates Rings at Aeromat.

Pilates rings are the perfect workout equipment for toning up your body parts, especially inner & outer thighs, hips, legs, core body muscles, chest, and upper arms. Aeromats have the best Pilates rings that enhance stamina, agility and stabilize your mobility during a particular exercise. ...
Whether you’re at the gym, work, home, or travelling, these Pilates rings are easy to carry and help you train anywhere you want. Fitness enthusiasts aiming for muscular strength, perfecting posture, improving balance, and toning those body parts should always use this dual foam hand grips ring.

Aero Mats have designed these Pilates rings with a steel inner structure that provides resistance and absorbs moisture for hardcore training. Once you know the correct use of training with the equipment, there’s no going back. Our best Pilates rings are available at a fair price and with a 14” diameter structure that’s unbreakable.

Add a Mobile & Durable Toning Equipment to your Regular Training Sessions!