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Aeromat Dual Grip Power Medicine Ball

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  • Dual grips allows more versatility, great for abdominal training and rotational movements

  • 9” in diameter, weights color-coded

  • Made with natural rubber, free of phthalates

  • Not designed for bouncing or slamming

  • Do NOT tamper or remove screws and handles

  • SKUs:
    35131 – 6 lbs
    35132 – 8 lbs
    35133 – 10 lbs
    35134 – 12 lbs
    35135 – 14 lbs
    35136 – 16 lbs
    35137 – 18 lbs
    35138 – 20 lbs
    35139 – 25 lbs
    35140 – 30 lbs

Versatile Dual Grip Medicine Ball at Aeromats

Dual grip medicine balls are strength boosters for abdominal workouts, two-handle movements, lower body exercises, and locomotory rotational drills. You can also use them for dumbbell or kettlebell exercises with additional support for lunges, chop, and rotations ... At Aeromats, you can have these comfortable and versatile balls free of phthalates and 100% natural rubber material. From rehabilitation to strength training and metabolic activities, dual grip medicine ball workouts are effective for everyone.

Incorporate functional movements with firm and steady side handles. Remember that these balls are not for bouncing or slamming purposes, and neither are the handles removable. These agile Dual grip medicine balls help you maintain a balanced posture with fat burning capacity. Play them around in your gym with your partner or fitness group.

Get These Dual Grip Medicine Balls at an Affordable Price

Use these body supporting equipment to transform your training routines. Aero Mats has these versatile balls available in different colors, weights, and prices; get the best one for yourself. It’s time to enhance your core workout plans!