Aeromat Therapy Peanut Ball

  • Unique design, ideal for physical therapy and rehabilitation, great for children and seniors

  • Easy direction controlling, rolling back and forth or in saddle position to relieve muscle tension

  • Made with PVC, free of latex and phthalates, max weight limit: 300 lbs.

  • Pump sold separately

  • Peanut Ball size (in centimeters) indicates the diameter of both lobes, in other words, it indicates the peanut ball vertical height when laid down horizontally

  • Replacement air plug available for purchase through:

  • SKUs:
    35245 – Green – 40 cm diameter, 86 cm length and about 38 cm in height

    35246 – Blue – 50 cm diameter, 98 cm length and about 48 cm in height

    35247 – Red – 60 cm diameter, 109 cm length and about 52 cm in height

    35248 – Yellow – 70 cm diameter, 132 cm length and about 63 cm in height


Peanut Therapy Ball for Fun Exercises

Peanut therapy balls are perfect as a therapeutic solution, especially those related to body coordination and balance. It is ideal for all age types, be it children, adults, or seniors. The peanut shape restricts the body’s core movement to back and forth, making it safe even for kids to use and facilitates movement and general gross motor coordination.

... Aero mats provides these peanut therapy balls for exercises to increase core strength by working on abdomen and back control, muscle strengthening, bilateral coordination, posture stability, and balanced training.

Ball therapy benefits are widely acknowledged as beneficial for children and adults. Balls are used to improve dynamic balance: just sit or lie on top of the ball for balance and co-ordination training, increased weight bearing training that improve muscle tones and strength. Applying deep pressure with the ball is a popular sensory activity used to calm the body or to relive anxiety for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

It also can be used to apply deep pressure on your abdomen and back muscle. People that may lack body awareness can use ball therapy to perform proprioceptive activities that improve strength and mobility, as well as stabilize joints and improve neuromuscular function to enhance overall coordination.

Training your kids with peanut therapy balls allows you to sit nearby and relax as you watch them move back and forth. The peanut shape and distance from the ground ensures safety and stability. Related games and activities also improve their cognitive skills and support sensory processing disorders and autism in kids.

Improve Your Confidence with Dynamic Seating Peanut Therapy Ball Exercises.

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