Valentine's Day Couple's Workout and Gift Guide

July 24, 2020 3 min read

Valentine's Day Couple's Workout and Gift Guide - Aeromat/Ecowise

When you love working out or you’re just looking to make exercise a regular part of your day, it helps to have someone doing it with you. It’s even better when it’s your sweetheart who wants to work out by your side. Why not make it a valentine's day tradition? It will for sure get your adrenaline up and lift your mood! Here are a couple of Couples Workout Ideas that you can try out!

1. Couples Breathing

This is the pose you want to start and finish your entire workout with. You and your partner will be assisting each other with adjusting your breaths from short&shallow to long&deep. This is a pose that helps both of you to clear your minds and focus on the intimate space that you created.

  • Start by seating back to back to each other on a mat in crossed legs. Play some gentle music if you wish.
  • First take a deep breath together. You should focus on each other’s breathing pattern and try to be on the same tempo.
  • Do 10 breaths each round and 3 rounds in total



2. Couples Yoga Boat Pose

This pose is energetic and will strengthen your cores. You and your partner will rely on each other to find balance and encourage each other to hold on! This pose will create a private space where you connect with each other and trust each other.

  • Face each other and get seated comfortably on a yoga mat or a balance beam/cushion/block for more challenges
  • Walk soles of the feet together and bring knees slightly toward the chest
  • Hold each other’s wrist for balance
  • Lift chest toward each other, straighten out your spines
  • Try to keep the spine straight and straighten the legs
  • Hold for 6-8 breaths and release feet back down



3. Medicine Ball Twist & Pass

This is a core strengthening workout for both you and your partner. You and your partner will be doing traditional Russian Twist with weighted medicine balls and passing to each other. This is an exercise that lifts your moods and will for sure get some chuckles out of the both of you!

  • Sit facing each other on a cushioned mat, sit tall with your feet touching the floor and bend the knee slightly. Keep heels firmly planted on the ground.
  • Sit straight and keep shoulders and back straight. Engage core and hold this position
  • Grab a medicine ball and move it from side to side while keeping your body still. Pass it to your partner and have your partner do the same pose then pass it back to you.
  • Repeat 10 times as a set, do 3 sets



4. Push Up High Five

This exercise will for sure to get the both of you grunt throughout this set! Get down on the floor and start a competition with each other!

  • Face your partner on a workout mat and get ready to do push-ups: place hands directly under your shoulders, legs extended (or knees on the floor for less challenge), engage your core
  • First, do a full push-up. Then give each other a high five extending arm straight out
  • Compete with each other and see who has stronger arms!



5. Couples Squats/Wall Sits With Resistance

This exercise will be fun and challenging if you and your partner are a lot different in height! Using resistance bands will help develop stronger muscle groups.

  • Wrap the exercise loop around your thighs, and squat back to back to each other
  • Hold squat/wall sit position for 2-3 breaths and try to keep both backs together the whole time
  • Stand up straight and squat back down
  • Try walking side to side with your partner. Your will be moving like crabs together




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